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Leading Change
ETM is committed to leading change towards alternative energy sources. ETM was the first company in the USA to offer incentives to encourage employees to order and purchase PHEVs (plug-in hybrid electric vehicles).

ETM CEO Tom Hayse represents ETM’s membership in the Silicon Valley Leadership Group (SVLG), and actively represented the SVLG’s partnership with
Plug-In Bay Area (PIBA) to promote the commercialization of plug-in hybrid vehicles, beginning with the SVLG’s fleet order for PHEVs.

Actions speak louder than words every day at ETM.
    • Leading the way for our environment and for our community  More>>
Alternative Energy, Power Conversion, Grid-Tied Inverters
Tailored power conversion is at the core of every ETM product, in all permutations of voltage, current, power, AC and DC.

ETM has developed tailored, grid-tied inverters at the 250kW and 500kW scale for use in alternative energy applications. Field performance is excellent. The designs are modular and highly suitable for tailoring to any customer’s specific requirement. The products operate from -25C to +50C with no degradation in power. The dual processor (FPGA/DSP) control electronics uniquely separate safety functions from switching control and communications.

290kW Bi-directional Inverter for Energy Storage (Utility Interactive Inverter for use with Battery Systems)
    • 290kW power with 96.5% CEC efficiency
    • CEC (California Energy Commission) listed, UL1741 labeled
    • Smallest footprint for this power class with integrated isolation
    • Optional 100kW four quadrant DC-DC conversion stage

500kW Uni-directional Inverter (Utiliity Interactive Inverter for use with PV Systems)
    • 500 kW with 97.5% peak efficiency
    • UL1741 labeled

ETM can tailor our conversion and inversion technologies to nearly any need. Contact us for more information.


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