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Power Electronic Subsystem

500kW inverter in 18 month successful solar farm field test. This inverter is presently in test with NREL.

The modular design is highly suitable for tailoring of either hardware or software to meet any customer's specific requirements.

  500kW Solar Inverter:
ETM Model 500-208-60, Utility Interactive Inverter for Photovoltaic Arrays

ETM co-designed this inverter with the famous BEW consulting firm, and it was field tested for 18 months on an OptiSolar solar farm with no failures. The dual bridge design distributes heat over two large external heatsinks while the electronics themselves are sealed from the elements. The product is labeled to UL1741 and has a peak efficiency of 97.5%. The modular design is highly suitable for hardware or software tailoring.
    • 500kW Power with 97.5% peak efficiency
    • UL1741 labeled
    • -25C to +50C with no reduction in power
    • Dual processor (FPGA/DSP) control electronics, separating safety functions from
      high speed control
    • Modular design highly suitable for tailoring


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