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High Power Microwave

Tube Based Amplifiers
ETM has developed many ODM amplifiers as well as standard products over our 35-year history.
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Power Combined Systems
Many of our customers have required the combination of multiple tubes using hybrid magic-tees, including systems for wide-band (more than one octave) and narrow-band applications, with either pulsed or CW tubes. Regardless of frequency, ETM builds power combined systems in any band where a tube exists.

ETM's design is transparent to the user, and requires no additional phase adjustment or voltage matching by our customer. Each system operates as straightforwardly as a single tube system.
      • More power than available from a single tube
      • Improved harmonics with use of a hybrid magic-tee
      • Phase, voltages matched and locked to eliminate future adjustments
      • Single power supplies minimize RF drift
      • Single RF input and output
      • Instantaneous bandwidth means no RF switching required
      • Complete protection and monitoring of all tubes and power supplies

If you are limited in power by tubes on the market today, contact us, and we will providethe power you need.

RF Output Systems
ETM offers not only tailored designs for high power amplifiers specific to a customer's application, but also for the RF interfaces between our HPA and the customer's antenna.

A tailored RF output system may include custom waveguide runs, filters, switches, couplers and isolators, all designed to provide a compact and cost effective RF output system, with low VSWR and minimal insertion loss between the ETM HPA and the customer's antenna.

ETM can also package required RF output systems in enclosed chassis for rack mounting, transportable fly-aways or bench-top applications. In addition, tailored RF input sections can accompany the output section and external input / output switches can be controlled through the HPA front panel or via remote operation. Along with the HPA, for many of our customers we provide a fully integrated system complete from signal generator to antenna.

System Integration
ETM does provide system integration services. In many cases our customers have employed our services to integrate the ETM tailored product and tailored RF output system with the antenna and system at a customer’s terminal.

This allows ETM to take full responsibility for:
       • All RF interfaces between HPA and antenna
       • Improving potential mismatches of integrated system
       • Reducing insertion loss
       • Mechanical form and fit of entire RF system
       • Proper communications between required RF components

This provides clear benefit to many customers, reducing risk and labor cost, and consolidating responsibility of RF performance with ETM.


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