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B. E. M. Monge

The French Navy’s test and measurement ship B.E.M Monge and the New York City skyline

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  Radar /EW:
Shipboard Tracking Radar
Dual 300kW Peak Pulsed L-band Transmitter

Our customer led a program for a new radar system to be used for tracking, surveillance, space observation, and trajectography.  A substantial new system development was required for this below-deck shipboard transmitter. The application required 600kW of L-Band peak power at 6% duty cycle. Two of our Model 304PL transmitters, each using two phase-combined 175kW peak pulsed TWTs, were power-combined for a total of 600kW peak power, with one transmitter dedicated to horizontal polarization, the other to vertical. ETM developed the SPS-4000, a 40kV, 40kW high voltage, high power supply. Four of these were used to reach the power requirement.

• Four 40kV, 40kW HVPS driving four 175kW L-band TWTs
• One transmitter per polarization
• 600kW peak, 6% duty cycle, 2 microsecond to 2 millisecond pulse width
• 30 kHz PRF maximom
• LRU-based architecture for field serviceability
• Vibration and motion testing conducted at ETM's facility


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