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ETM Program Management

Complementing our tailored ODM product development business, ETM is organized to address and fulfill the programmatic needs of systematic integrators in defense, aerospace and medical markets. Our primary objective is to provide full support of our clients with the tailored hardware, software, and documentation they need to successfully execute their missions. Program Management activities start with pre-proposal discussions and continue with Through Life support.

ETM's Program Managers are the primary point of contact with our customers. They work side by side with ETM's Engineering and Operations groups to effectively manage the technical, scheduling and budgetary aspects of any program. Our Program Managers engage our customers in each step of a program, from design reviews to acceptance testing and delivery of products and services.

ETM minimizes potential inefficiencies caused by the planning and communication issues often associated with large programs. With proprietary discipline tools such as C3COM, RAPiD and PCTC, our Program Managers efficiently manage any issues that may arise during engineering development, initial build and large-scale production.

Ensuring customer success is ETM's primary objective. Our Program Managers fully support, oversee and manage the following activities to ensure this success:

• SRR, PDR, CDR, MRR, TRR with customer participation
• Program and product specific FAT and ATP with Customer witnessing if required
• On-site system integration and training
• Depot support for spares and logistics
• Through-Life support of all hardware
• Client accessible Configuration Management
• DCAA Accounting
• DCMA inspections and test witnessing


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Program Management
Legacy Replacement

Depot Support