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Tailored ODM Power Products
•  ETM’s business is to develop tailored products for its customers. Our portfolio of    original design manufacturer (ODM) products represents the partnerships established    over the years with customers in many markets. We design, build, test and supply high
power conversion products. These products are tailored to meet the exact requirement    of our customers while we remain in a close relationship that addresses all    programmatic needs.

•  ODM means “original design manufacturer.” We apply our decades of experience in    high power electronics to rapidly tailor new products for any requirement in the    markets we serve. Whether it is our design, a customer's design, or a co-design, ETM    will design, industrialize, document, build, test and warranty to any customer's precise,    customized specifications and requirements.

•  Our customers integrate our subsystem products into their own systems under    their own brands. We provide the power that works; the high power, high voltage    or high power microwave "back office" of our customers' products. this way our    customer can focus their valuable resources on developing the product features    that differentiate them in their specific marketplaces.

•  The portfolio of products depicted here provides examples of our relationships    with our customers.


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