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About ETM:
Your partner for tailored power

ETM has partnered with its customers as an ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) of high power electronic products for over 35 years. Our commitment to the success of our customers - enabled by the power subsystems, systems, and customer support we provide - is embodied in the thousands of products our customers have deployed in their communications, radar / EW, test / measurement, and medical / industrial applications.

Our customers put satellite communications systems on humvees in the desert as well as on uplink vans for television news teams in the city; deploy our radar systems to monitor for space debris during shuttle launches; use our waveform generators to ensure that automobiles are safe under all conditions; and use our pulsed power in products that scan incoming cargo for security, as well as in systems that treat patients with cancer.

ETM's first products were test sets for microwave tube manufacturers. These products became the gold standard for international partners including CPI (formerly Varian), Teledyne MEC, Hughes, Northrop, NEC, Elta, Aleco, and ITRI-ERSO, and established ETM as the pre-eminent supplier of these linear, high voltage, high current systems, with over 1000 installations worldwide.

Expertise in the design, build and test of high power conversion electronics has been at the core of every ETM product ever since. Our high-power transmitters provide megawatts of pulsed RF for the highest precision tracking radars. Our compact, modular switch-mode power supply design enabled a dramatic reduction in the size and weight of high power microwave amplifiers for commercial and military satellite communications; over 5000 units have been shipped for fixed and mobile installations in the most difficult environments.

We have expanded to support medical, industrial, and alternative energy customers as well, who share a common need for ETM's expertise in the design, build, and test of high power conversion electronics. We invest heavily in the infrastructure and R&D required to build our business each year, and are committed to being the best possible ODM partner for our customers' needs in high power conversion electronics.


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